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last night was A-M-A-ZING!

finally i had a beautiful night with Mike with no fighting, crying, yelling, or anything it was great

he picked me up from my house around 4 after he got out fo work and i brought the NOTEBOOK!!! best movie ever

i made him watch it since Noah is the best guy ever and any man can only learn from him lmao

we watched almost the whole movie damn distractions lol then he took me out to get something to eat and we went over to Will's house, got Alicia and had to decide something to do

we all agreed on mini golfing which is the funnest thing ever so we raced on up to Mulligans Island and i got the pink ball!!! hehe had to fight with Alicia for it tho lol

came in third out of four.....ok me and alicia tied but o well it was still fun

i love Mike so much and no matter what we go thru we still love each other and nothing can change that we've been thru some rocky times lately and hopefully everything gets back to normal

coming up on four months .... never thought i would say that lol...it feels liek just yesterday

well im off to relaxing today hopefully doing some of the things i've been wanting to do idk

o and by the way i love all my friends thanks guys for being there for me espesially Amanda who was up with me for like 5 hours listning to me ball my eyes out your always there for me i love you!
Emily for making me feel alot better yesterday and not forgeting about me love to you!
and Kevin who reasurres alot of my doubts i know your always there for me to

ok im done now
i love you Mike!
<3333333 Kellie
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