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21 May
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ER is serious love.

Leonardo DiCaprio is Sexy Love.

Hoodies are Love.


Eminem is love.

By w00tlikewoah

Ryan Cabrera is True love.


Topher Grace is Adorable Love

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is love
made by peachsncream204

Will Ferill is Love

Mean Girls are plastic love.

by this_is_fucked

Chad Michael Murry is Hottie Love

Disney Princesses are Love

The Notebook is True Love

Playboy Bunny is Love

♥Law & Order: SVU is Love♥

Made by masqued_dreamer

The Notebook is true love.
Made by mants_57

Ashton Kutcher is hot love

Without a Paddle is love

Boy Meets World is Love

Maroon 5 is Love

Stich is Love

The Miz is Love

Livejournal is Love

Brad Pitt is Love

Queer Eye is Love

Puss in Boots is Love

Laguna Beach is Love

Bring it on is Love

Verb its what you do is Love

Micheal Phelps is Love

Flip Flops are Love

Krystopher Shayne is homosexual love

George Clooney is Love

Baby Feet are Love

Jeans are Comfortable Love.


Care Bears is Care-a-Lot Love
by daffodil_lament

Justin Timberlake is "no, really, I'm in it for the music!" Love

Rose Candles are Romantic Love.


Belly Buttons are Sexy Love.


Ashlee Simpson is "La La" Love

Kelly Clarkson is "I Can't Breathe" Love

made by Alliexcat

Usher is hott love

Chad Michael Murray is love.
by _soxlastxsummer

Micheal Phelps is orgasmic love

flip flops are love

Everybody Loves the Barones
by likeatruck

Marilyn Monroe is Love

By _endless_dream

50 Cent is hott thug love

Usher is orgasmic love

Shane West is reformed bad boy love.

NYC is love.

Happy Bunny is dysfunctional love.

Titanic is love that never lets go.

A Walk to Remember is unconditional love.

System is Middle Eastern Love

Made by: _aimsnapfall__

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